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software testing

When it comes to software development, it is also imperative that you seek perfectly timed software testing and maintenance checks done periodically. When your company invests in a lot of money for customizing software to help you manage or keep track of your database of customers or clients, payments and payrolls, then it is also understandable that you go for proper maintenance done for that software so that the software that you took so much pain in clarifying, gets the right kind of treatment month after month, and it runs for a long time.

We are Hariman IT Consulting LLP, an Indian software developing company that is also involved in a host of other activities like designing and developing other software and solutions to make sure that all your business needs are met. We also offer web designing, training and documentation among the top services that make us the pioneer in the industry. Under software testing, we take your software through the processes of Black box testing, White Box testing, Unit testing, Incremental Integration testing, Integration testing, Functional testing, Volume testing and not to forget the End to end testing to name a few.

How do we go about with software testing?

When we design software for our clients, specifically catering to their needs or departments, then we ensure that when purchasing this software, they form a relationship with us. The clients, who have been seeking our products, are ensured that they will also be getting a thorough training from our end. Yet, it has been found that once in a while, software testing should also be done and this is also offered by us and we have found that such services have been acknowledged as being very helpful for increasing the lifespan of the software in general.

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