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spiritual mentorship training

The first thing we tend to neglect the most is not just our breakfast, but our food for thought and mind. The focus of our life is merely concentrated on making our ends meet or getting more and more for life. But, it is not just enough to feed the body, but it is most vital to feed the heart and soul too. The only way to do so is by asking collective consciousness for some answers and even setting our restless mind free. Easier said than done; because it is not so easy to capture the playful mind to set it free! Our work pressure and our disregard for our body may cause several heart and general health conditions. This is the reason individuals and companies approach us for spiritual training.


Other aspects of our specialized training:

We are Hariman IT Consulting LLP, a company that has been offering a wide range of services and even training services in varied arenas. Spiritual training is a niche area and needs specialist trainers who can understand and help others understand the complexity of human mind and set it to rest. There may be other reasons like enhancing our happy moments and making our life positive. These are also done by our training programs.

We all know that your training in spirituality will be only initiated by the Guru and the entire journey has to be undertaken by you only. This is the reason, it is a necessity that you take the lessons all your life and continue to practice it all your life.